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Marco in the summer

What are you nuts?
Isnít it unbearably hot?
Isnít the humidity awful?

Well, Iíve heard all of the above.  It is exactly the reaction you get when people hear that you are going to Florida in the summer.

Surprisingly to many, the answer to those questions is no.   First of all you are on an Island, not the mainland.  Island breezes keep the shoreline quite comfortable.  In fact, so comfortable that when you get out of the pool you have to dry off before going under the chickee huts for shade because you will get goose bumps from the breeze on your wet skin.

Still donít believe it, do you!!!  Well, take a look at the pictures from the balcony of 707.  The way the buildings are positioned, they channel the wind between them, creating quite a breeze.  The beach is a little hotter than by the pool, but the water and breeze do their job to keep you comfortable there too.

A typical day for us during the summer starts off with a light breakfast on the balcony and a walk down the beach with the return trip in the water (better exercise that way).  My sister-in-law does it differently.  She and her husband walk to the Marriott and have breakfast on the beach at Quinnís and then head back.  At this point we either stay at the beach for a while to enjoy the water or look for shells (yes, after all this time we still do that).  When we return to South Seas we jump in the pool and then head for the chickee hut with a (hopefully) good book.  The most important decision of the day comes when we all gather in the pool around 4:00 or 5:00 pm to decide where we will eat.  The choice is plentiful. A summer thunderstorm usually moves in about now. They are short lived, but a common occurrence in the summer.  Last but not least is the sunset.  A walk on the beach at this time of night is beautiful.  Every night is a beautiful surprise.  Sometimes we sit on the balcony and watch the spectacular lightening shows over the horizon.   Marco is very close to the mainland.  Because of this, the storms pass right over and keep on going, usually stalling in Naples.  It is interesting to watch the rain in Naples while we are basking in the sun in Marco.

We come to Marco every summer and wouldnít consider going anywhere else.  A rained out vacation up north is too great a risk.  If you come in the summer you will have a beautiful condo on the beach at off-season rates (check out the prices at the Marriott, Hilton or Radisson down the beach to further confirm your bargain). It canít be guaranteed, but it is rare in the summer to have more than a short shower in late afternoon or evening.  In the seven years that we have been spending summers in Marco there was only once that we had two days of rain because of a tropical storm that came in.  You donít have to make reservations for dinner or wait in lines of any sort at stores, etc.  You also get great bargains at the stores in the off season.

The biggest problem with the off season is that most northernerís think it will be too hot.  Many times it is hotter in our home town in NH than in Marco.  If the pool, beach and just relaxing is what you like for a summer vacation, this is the place to be.  Just plan on the beach early in the morning or late afternoon and the pool during the day.  If you want to visit the Everglades or do inland activities, you will definitely find it hot and should probably plan for another time of year.

I hope this has helped you decide if Marco is for you in the summer. 

Try it, youíll like it.


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